The War That Never Was

The last week has been dramatic but ultimately incredibly disappointing for null sec, following the trail of hype on kugu, twitter and EVE`s media outlets people began to get more and more excited. Finally the war everyone has been asking for was going to happen, the two major players in EVE clashing and hopefully shaking up null sec making the game exciting again for the 10k plus players in both those coalitions.

Alas the power that be have decided that we are not allowed to fight, apparently fighting these days isn’t something that happens in null. Now the leadership want to grow even fatter without putting any assets at risk. This may be fine for the “old guard” who have seen large scale combat or are simply burnt out but i think its going to cause allot of problems over the coming months.

You see the guys on the ground want fights, they want to see things change and watch the drama happen. Arranged fights just don’t cut it, you can go to RVB and FW for those kind of fights. Grunts in null want things on an epic scale, they want to PLAY THE GAME not sit back and fill their wallets for no reason other that being wealthy after all whats the use of isk if you don’t spend it.

If things dont change i think you will start to see members and corporations dropping rapidly from the CFC and HBC to find other places to have fun in EVE and all this while the guys higher up the chain continue doing what they want not servicing the wants or needs of the people they are supposed to represent.

Maybe its time for a revolution in Null sec and for the players on the ground to shake things up and send a message to their leaders that a change in thinking is desperately needed because as its stands it looks like most of the null alliances are behaving more and more like care-bears every day. We are quick enough to jump down CCP`s throat for not fixing things in null and making the game dull so why not our own leaders. We have a chance to actually make the game more interesting, to stimulate the market by blowing up ships again, to give players a reason to log in again and to create game-play for the thousands of people sat in stations spinning in circles with nothing to do.

So please Mr Mittens press the red button and see what happens.

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